Market Timing with OBOSS – General Information

OBOSS is a proprietary market timing indicator to signal when indices are over extended. OBOSS numerical readings alert investors that a change in trend is likely.


  • An extreme overbought signal warns investors to protect profits until the condition has neutralized. +2.3
  • An extreme oversold condition indicates investors should be building new positions and adding to existing positions. -2.3
  • A neutral condition indicates that the current trend should stay intact. -1 to +1


OBOSS gives investors an edge by signaling when it is a good time to enter the market and when it’s important to protect profits.

During a trend OBOSS stands as a reminder to stay with the current trend until an extreme signal has been given.


Here is a sample OBOSS indication from June 15th 2011 when the market was declining.

This is one recent example where you could have used OBOSS to make money in the market by buying when OBOSS was hitting extreme levels.

Feel free to post questions about any daily indication.


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